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Performance characteristics and advantages of aluminum alloy doors and Windows

In addition to the above reasons, but also from the aluminum alloy doors and Windows have the following performance characteristics and advantages:
Performance characteristics of aluminum alloy doors and Windows:
1, light weight, durable. Aluminum alloy doors and Windows than steel doors and Windows about 50% light; Than wood doors and Windows corrosion resistance, not easy to decay, its oxidation coloring layer does not fall off, do not fade, durable.
2, good sealing performance. The air tightness of aluminum alloy door window is high, watertight sex and sound insulation sex are better than wooden door window and steel door window.
3, color and lustre bright and beautiful. The frame of aluminum alloy door window is made of material, process via ammoniation tinting, can wear the color such as silvery white, bronze, dark red, can take the decorative pattern of color on. The aluminum alloy door and window that makes with it, the appearance is beautiful, the surface is bright and clean, color and lustre is gorgeous and firm, enhanced the adornment effect of indoor and outdoor facade. Aluminum alloy doors and Windows, heat preservation, fire resistance, waterproof, anti-corrosion, sound insulation performance is wood window, steel window, incomparable, its price is moderate, luxurious appearance, various styles, good sealing, fire retardant, not easy to deformation, good strength, easy installation, exquisite technology, is a new generation of doors and Windows materials, with broad prospects.
Advantages of aluminum alloy doors and Windows:
1: water tightness, air tightness
Water tightness and air tightness is a key point of choosing doors and Windows, aluminum alloy doors and Windows in these two aspects of the performance is very excellent. Good watertight performance to ensure that when the storm comes, but also effectively prevent rain water into the room. And the airtight performance is relatively strong, and with the sealing tape, to achieve the effect of windproof and warm.
2: sound insulation performance
What aluminum alloy door window uses is hollow toughened glass, sound insulation is stronger. Compared with ordinary wooden door has better sound insulation effect, can make outdoor noise can achieve certain degree of weaken when entering the room so, prevented interference indoor halcyon.
3: service life
Aluminum alloy is durable and does not have aging problem. And the surface of the aluminum alloy doors and Windows will be covered with a layer of very thin but very strong alumina film, with obvious moisture-proof characteristics, stable composition, anti-aging, no deformation.
Advantage four: environmental performance
Aluminum alloy doors and Windows are compared with ordinary wooden doors, wooden doors generally need to use paint veneer, and paint and artificial board, there is a large number of harmful substances such as formaldehyde, harmful to health. And because aluminum alloy door is avirulent, without other harmful material and accord with environmental protection requirement, so aluminum alloy door window is a new generation of environmental protection product.

Post time: Jul-03-2021