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International product certification to help the export of aluminum alloy doors and Windows

Under the influence of the national “One Belt And One Road” strategy, the development of the construction industry has made broad progress and accelerated the pace of “going out” of the construction industry. At present, the scale of “One Belt And One Road” infrastructure projects in various regions has exceeded 1 trillion yuan, and the scale of cross-border investment is about 52.4 billion US dollars. The construction cycle of general infrastructure is 2-4 years. In 2015, the amount of domestic “One Belt And One Road” investment was between 300 billion and 400 billion yuan. Among the overseas infrastructure investment, 1/3 of the projects are in China. In 2015, the investment scale driven by “One Belt And One Road” was about 400 billion yuan.
Nearly 60 countries along the Belt and Road have expressed their support for and actively participated in the construction. “One Belt And One Road” radiation covers ASEAN, South, West, Central, North Africa and Europe, with a total population of 4.6 billion (about two-thirds of the world) and a total GDP of 20 trillion US dollars (about one-third of the world). According to preliminary estimates, the proportion of China’s exports to “One Belt And One Road” areas is expected to rise to about one third in the next decade, and China’s total investment in the Belt and Road Initiative is expected to reach $5 trillion.
Chairman will spare no effort to advocate the “area” new silk road vision, and for the construction of a $40 billion fund for involves the “area” of the asia-pacific countries use infrastructure construction, under the background of the international festival, there will be a large part of the domestic construction enterprises go abroad, to participate in the construction.
At present, aluminum doors and Windows in the global market space is huge, especially in Australia, Southeast Asia and South America and other places.
Although the performance indicators of Australian doors and Windows design, especially the insulation performance, are not high, generally considered to be equivalent to the level of China ten years ago. According to the introduction of Australian developer, their doors and Windows can be passed only to achieve local design specifications.
New villas in Australia use common aluminum Windows, there are also a small number of broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows. In Australian apartments and commercial buildings, aluminum Windows are used in large quantities.
Southeast Asia:
Southeast Asia market is a big agricultural country, production and manufacturing lack, and at present in the period of rapid development, vigorously carry out basic construction, the demand for building materials doors and Windows products is very big, we China is a big manufacturing country in the world, products are dependent on imports of our country.
South America:
MiltonRego, president of the Brazilian Aluminium Association (ABAL), noted recently that
In 2018, Brazil will import 132,000 tons of aluminum from China, making China the main source country for Brazilian aluminum imports. Milton Lego says Brazil is gradually producing less aluminum and importing more. “Because China produces so much aluminum, we are producing less and less aluminum and exporting more and more aluminum ore.” He said. “Aluminum production in China has increased 12-fold since 2000, making China the world’s largest producer and exporter of aluminum products. “Brazil simply cannot compete with China in aluminium production.”

Post time: Jul-05-2021