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Insulated home folding door

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European standard groove system design, beautiful and exquisite, no leakage processing hole; There are many combination styles and various shapes for you to choose. The profile structure realizes three cavity structure, and the multi cavity structure has high sound insulation and high energy saving effect( Such as: heat insulation, air conditioning cold, heating energy is not easy to release, etc.); Anti theft performance, using hinge (hinge) to open, multi lock point structure to achieve the best anti-theft performance; Sealing performance: three seal, higher sealing performance, indoor and outdoor sealing strip adopts EPDM soft and hard co extrusion, smaller opening and closing force, higher sealing performance; The special track and the double wheel structure with automatic adjustment are adopted to make the pushing and pulling smooth, light and noiseless; The opening space of the door leaf is 100%, and the ventilation effect is good.
Due to the excellent thermal insulation performance and the effect of sound insulation and noise reduction, it is more widely used in many northern cities, and in the working and living environment, it can achieve the use effect of high strength and no deformation, and it is not easy to be attacked by any corrosivity, and it is not easy to change color or deformation, so as to achieve better aesthetics.
In addition to achieving more high-end functional effect, the product can also achieve more secure protection, with good waterproof, fireproof and anti-corrosion effect, long-term use does not need to worry about deformation, the most important thing is that the beauty is also particularly strong, which has a good decorative effect on the environment.


The width of the outer frame is 130mm, and the wall thickness of the section is 2.0mm.
The outer frame and inner fan are cut 45 degrees.
Muti fan optional opening mode, which can be folded outside.
The lghting is gd, the line of sight is good, the apearance is concise, and the function is patical.
Large bearing capacity, suitable for large opening landscape doors;
Glass grooves 20 mm - 27 mm, according to the need to choose the crresponding groove pressure line;
0.9m * 2.2m standard door per square consumables 12.648kg;

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