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Insulated home floor spring door

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The insulated floor spring door is an automatic door, and the track is made of high strength and wear-resistant aluminum. It can be cut simply, and even in shops and other places with various opening widths, it can be adjusted on site and installed with the best size. The basic unit length is 2.5m.
Daily maintenance
1. After the installation of doors and windows, the protective film on the profile surface shall be removed in time and cleaned; Otherwise, a large number of protective film gum will remain on the profile, which is difficult to clean.
2. In windy days, the casement should be closed in time.
3. Heavy objects cannot be hung on the handle of casement window.
4. The swing window can be opened differently by changing the direction of the switch handle. We should know how to operate it to avoid damage.
5. When the sliding window is in use, the sliding track should be cleaned frequently to keep it clean, so that there are no hard particles in the track surface and groove.
The floor spring is a kind of hydraulic door closer, but its pressing device is worm gear rather than rack and pinion. Because the worm wheel can rotate forward and backward, the ground spring can be used for the door with two-way opening, while the door closer can only be used for the door with one-way opening. The key technology of the ground spring is the bearing seat at the lower part of the main shaft, which determines the bearing grade of the ground spring.


The width of the profile is 100mm and the wall thickness of the section is 2.0mm.
This series meets the double and single fan spring doors with bright side and bright side.
Inside and 0utside feeley opens and closes automatically.
A variety of frames, door and pressure lines are available.
Can be used as lobby and ofice doors, with simple and beatiful appearance and good insultion effect.t
The glass notch 24mm? 32mm can be selected acording to the need.
1.8m * 2.4m 12.145kg for each floor consumable material.

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