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heavy sliding door

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      The hinge is installed on one side of the window sash and connected with the window frame. According to the outward or inward opening, this kind of window is divided into outer casement window and inner casement window. This kind of window is characterized by simple structure, flexible opening, easy cleaning, and good sealing performance when closed. It is the most widely used window type in civil buildings[ 1] A style of windows in folk houses. The opening and closi...

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      The insulated floor spring door is an automatic door, and the track is made of high strength and wear-resistant aluminum. It can be cut simply, and even in shops and other places with various opening widths, it can be adjusted on site and installed with the best size. The basic unit length is 2.5m. Daily maintenance 1. After the installation of doors and windows, the protective film on the profile surface shall be removed in time and cleaned; Otherwise, a large numbe...

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