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    • Vertical sliding door and window

      Vertical sliding door and window

      Sliding windows can be divided into horizontal sliding windows and vertical sliding windows according to different sliding directions. The horizontal sliding window needs to be set with rail groove above and below the window sash, and the vertical sliding window needs pulley and balance measures. Sliding window has the advantages of not occupying indoor space, beautiful appearance, economical price and good sealing. Using high-grade slide rail, gently push, open flex...

    • Insulated home casement door and window

      Insulated home casement door and window

      Casement doors and windows refer to the doors and windows with certain ventilation, daylighting performance and locking function, which are fixed on the side of the hole and mouth with more than two parallel or vertical points as the axis, and can be opened manually, electrically, chained, twisted, rotated and magnetically. They are divided into inner opening, outer opening, free, upper hanging, lower hanging, middle hanging, transferring, folding casement windows, f...

    • Folding door

      Folding door

      The folding door is mainly composed of door frame, door leaf, transmission parts, rotating arm parts, transmission rod, directional device, etc. The door type can be installed indoor and outdoor. Each door has four leaves, two for the side door and two for the middle door. The frame on one side of the side door leaf is connected with the middle door leaf by hinges,The upper and lower rotating shafts are respectively installed at the upper and lower ends of the stile ...

    • Casement door and window

      Casement door and window

      The hinge is installed on one side of the window sash and connected with the window frame. According to the outward or inward opening, this kind of window is divided into outer casement window and inner casement window. This kind of window is characterized by simple structure, flexible opening, easy cleaning, and good sealing performance when closed. It is the most widely used window type in civil buildings[ 1] A style of windows in folk houses. The opening and closi...

    • sliding door

      sliding door

    • Sliding door and window

      Sliding door and window

      Sliding door is a common family door, which can be pushed and pulled. With the development of technology and the diversification of decoration means, the function and application scope of sliding door are expanding from the traditional plate surface to glass, cloth, rattan, aluminum alloy profiles, from sliding door, folding door to partition door. Whether it's a square meter bathroom or an irregular storage room, as long as the sliding door is replaced, no matter ho...