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    Judging from the current market conditions, the construction of the sun room is mainly made of three kinds of raw materials: steel structure, aluminum alloy structure and broken bridge aluminum structure.  Because the latter two are slightly more expensive, some owners will choose steel structures, but the results may not be good!  In terms of price, although the aluminum alloy structure and the broken bridge aluminum structure are slightly more expensive, the quality and user experience are very good!

    1. Comparison of safety index

    Generally speaking, steel, aluminum, and broken bridge aluminum can meet safety requirements in terms of load-bearing performance and wind pressure resistance.  However, for owners who live in the south, with many typhoons, for the safety of their families and others, they should choose the broken bridge aluminum sun room, which is strong and safe!
    2. Daylighting index

    Comparison In theory, the frame profile of the sun room has little effect on daylighting. Whether it is a steel structure, aluminum alloy or broken bridge aluminum profile sun room can be built into a glass roof, with good lighting effects.  When choosing roof materials for the sun room, if the roof is made of colored steel plates and tiles, the daylight will be reduced.  For owners who like to enjoy the sun, it is recommended to choose a glass roof solar house.  The laminated insulating glass of WACANG doors and windows not only provides good lighting, but also heat insulation.

    3. Comparison of sound insulation index

    The dividing point between steel structure, aluminum alloy and broken bridge aluminum lies in the user experience.  In terms of sound insulation performance, the sound insulation of the steel structure sun room is lower than that of the aluminum alloy sun room, and the sound insulation of the aluminum alloy sun room is lower than that of the broken bridge aluminum sun room.  In general, the broken bridge aluminum sun room is better in terms of sound insulation.
    4. Comparison of waterproof level

    When building a steel structure sun room, although rust-proof treatment will be carried out, after the rainy season, rust and rain leakage on the surface of the material will still occur, which is only a matter of time.  The aluminum alloy and broken bridge aluminum materials have stable performance and maintenance-free, no rust problems, good sealing performance, and good waterproof effect.
    5. Comparison of energy-saving grades

    Steel structure sunrooms do not have any thermal insulation properties, so the general steel structure sun rooms will be severely cold in winter and hot in summer.  Although the heat insulation performance of the aluminum alloy sun room is good, it is still inferior to the thermal insulation broken bridge aluminum material specially produced for thermal insulation.  The aluminum cavity of the thermally insulated broken bridge is filled with thermal insulation materials, which has the effect of energy saving, so that the sun room is warm in winter and cool in summer and maintain a constant temperature.  In general, the broken bridge aluminum sun room is relatively good in terms of thermal insulation performance.
    6. Comparison of cost index  Steel structure is cheaper, aluminum alloy is slightly more expensive, and broken bridge aluminum is more expensive.

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