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aluminium solar profiles

  • aluminium solar frame structure

    aluminium solar frame structure

    Solar modules use aluminum alloy frame as the final packaging material, combined with organic silica gel to encapsulate and protect the battery, glass and other raw materials, so that the performance of the module is effectively improved and can withstand the test of different environments.  In the design process of the aluminum frame, the self-weight, wind load, snow load and other live load factors of the components are taken into consideration, so that the mechanical strength is sufficient to support the long-term operation of the components.  At the same time, due to the presence of aluminum frame and silica gel, the toughened glass is better protected, and the transportation process is more convenient and safer.

  • Aluminum Rail For Solar Panel

    Aluminum Rail For Solar Panel


    Aluminum alloy beam guide rails for solar cell module installation are mainly used for the connection of solar cell modules and brackets. .At present, the most commonly used solar cell installation structure is to first install each solar cell panel in an aluminum frame, and then fix several aluminum frames inlaid with the battery panels on the bracket or the ground through angle to a complete solar cell array.

  • aluminium solar corner key

    aluminium solar corner key

    High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance.