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aluminium solar frame structure

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Solar modules use aluminum alloy frame as the final packaging material, combined with organic silica gel to encapsulate and protect the battery, glass and other raw materials, so that the performance of the module is effectively improved and can withstand the test of different environments.  In the design process of the aluminum frame, the self-weight, wind load, snow load and other live load factors of the components are taken into consideration, so that the mechanical strength is sufficient to support the long-term operation of the components.  At the same time, due to the presence of aluminum frame and silica gel, the toughened glass is better protected, and the transportation process is more convenient and safer.

  • Alloy No.: 6063
  • Temper: T5/T6
  • Finish: Anodized Silver/Anodized Black pearl
  • Anodized Film Thickness: AA15/AA20
  • Regular size: 1650*992mm 1640*992mm 1956*992mm
  • Frame specifications: 35*35mm 40*35mm 45*35mm 50*35mm 35*30mm 25*25mm
  • Applicable components: 250W-300W photovoltaic solar modules
  • Product Usage: Solar cells, solar power, solar panels, small solar power system,sroofing brackets
  • Packing: Film + Kraft Paper + Stretch Film + Pallet
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    1. The functional aluminum frame is combined with organic silica gel to encapsulate and protect the battery, glass, backplane and other raw materials, so that the components are effectively protected. At the same time, due to the protection of the aluminum frame, the components are safer and more convenient during transportation and movement.
    1.1. The protective function of protecting the aluminum frame is mainly embodied in the following aspects: 1. Mechanical protection.  Among the raw materials of the components, the tempered glass is easy to burst due to uneven force. The aluminum frame has high mechanical strength. Combined with organic silica gel, it can buffer the impact of external forces, withstand greater external forces, and effectively protect the tempered glass and its encapsulated cells.  2. Insulation protection.  The working environment of the components is different, and there is a possibility of thunderstorms. As the components are exposed in the environment, the position of the components is relatively prominent and easy to be struck by lightning.  The surface of the aluminum frame is treated by anodizing process, and there is a dense oxide film, which not only has high wear resistance, but also has excellent insulation, which can effectively improve the voltage resistance of the entire module and effectively protect the fragile inside of the module.  Cell.  In addition, the aluminum frame effectively protects the components, and at the same time, due to its high mechanical strength, it is more convenient and safer during handling and packing and transportation.
    1.2. The sealing function of the sealed aluminum frame is completed by the combination of organic silica gel.  The organic silica gel glues the aluminum frame and the laminate together to form a whole assembly, which not only enables the aluminum frame to provide its protective function, but also effectively cushions mechanical shocks.



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