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Aluminium construction profiles

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Extruded Aluminium Profiles Application Case
Extruded Aluminium Profiles as a kind of deformation processing in aluminium fabrication, is a means of forming shapes.

After anodizing, the surface of T-slot extruded aluminium profiles is very beautiful. Widely applied to equipment enclosure, aluminium board framing, display, fence, storage rack, conveyor, workbench, assembly line etc.

Whether used for original equipment manufacturing and/or end user,we extruded aluminium profiles system can always be applied in a highly flexible and economical manner. we facilitates state of the art computerized equipment to assist in the development of the most application.

Convincing arguments:
1. Cost advantage
• No mechanical machining necessary
• Errors in construction or assembly can be rectified more easily
2. Simple
• Just order and assemble
3. Compatibility
• Aluminium profiles can be combined with products in other ranges
4. Appearance
• Connection not visible from outside and therefore not a disruptive factor when using accessories
5. Resistance
• Profile cross section is not weakened by drill holes or milled slots
• Profiles are secured against twisting by the connecting technology
• Optimal application of force thanks to special geometry
6. Tools
• Simple tools are sufficient for assembly
7. Free of charge
• Can be cut to specification
• Aluminium profiles marked and deburred
8. Service
• Connecting sets can be pre-assembled on the profile upon request
• CAD product library available for use as a construction aid

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